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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fix You Between the Sugar and the Fire

Cover the head of the day in lemon silk.
Meet the morning river white as mist turning the plums
black. The yearling bear makes his spots with milk
as mountains mark each tree with fresh rust,
clean against the squall from the south.

Spin the day down crumbling numb steps.
Drop your spots but don’t forget your name:
most tenderly take the teeth of your own family.
Past are the days of new sneakers, fresh music, belief
in boy-band radio: now be the most careful with the teeth
of your own mouth. Don’t tell on yourself.

Sing songs betwixt the olive and the oil. Don’t tell him.
Sharks can smell your hair dye in the water, the way
you scraped your knee and a kind woman helped
opened her purse for a band-aid, you’ll be ok—
don’t cry my river dolphin, cover the head of the day.

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