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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Democracy the fruit,
not the machine. The democracy
of fertilizer/ the democracy of pesticides.
Makes you manage your mangrove/ swamp for shrimp farming.
Does it cost more/ as local changes in climate threaten governmental stability?
Yes it costs more/ to sustain the oldest lake in the world...

I can see the sunset in your eyes
modeled as networks of goods
serving as a filter for inputs
a syntax of sunsets/ aesthetic viewsheds
makes you say: oooh baby I love your way...

Cultural values/ the movement of the benefit/
we begin telling time by black cats crossing
the street as the calves are being born lovely and two-headed.
Née birthplace of democracy--the main sector of the economy--
they've just built a monument to the democraconomy in the middle of town.
It's not the most beautiful monument.
But don't hesitate/ cause your love/ just won't wait...

We don't lack labor or capitol
but we're a little short on fish.
Map out the land and how it looks at you.
Turn it back on.
Identify critical flow paths. Breathe.
Oooh baby I love your way.

My brain is full of unsuitable nutrient and pesticide loads.
I need some artificial intelligence to develop the ecosystem
of my imagination. My English is deteriorating
but I will manage the flow
from the point of source to the point of usage.
Make a computer program to formulate the answer:

the tree line/ the lone pine
the mountain line/ the mountain lion
the value of the vegetative/ the lion tree.
Boundaries and properties and
biophysical quantification challenges:
I wanna be with you night and day.

That machine has famous parents
so they try to take its picture,
as the machine turns its "good side" to the camera, instinctively.
Are you lost at sea?
Lions of my youth, and trees.
I wanna tell you I love your way.

Evolution has had plenty of time to refine strategy:
land/ labor/ capital
mountain/ lion/ tree
scare resources/ alternative desirable ends/ I wanna be with you night and day 
even when the principles of aesthetics change
and the air is thick with machines.
Oh don't, don't, hesitate.
Take it all the way to the mechanical mangroves,
I'll meet you there.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Let my exhales make a bed for you. Call me country
and do not ask the question.
Algorithms of motion/ mimic your instincts/ your
red flash between greens: leaves/blades spears/branches grass

shapes chase/chase shapes
a mirror facing a mirror
in a cloudy room. My hair dances
to the wind of your drumbeat. Leaves
in the voice, trembling, as (now whisper)
shapes chase shapes.

For every red and green swirl of universe
in your cup: cut away
into the mountain core—
perfect and in millions
(years, pieces, colors)
cut away—is there something below

bound to collect me? Yes. Here./ This my clay.
You can never lay down fully in a new country
without asking the question:
Mother, do you remember my name?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Heat Lightning

Quiet hands hear drums as heartbeat,
telling time in taps:
wristbones/ knuckles/ fingertips/ heat.
Fresh loam bakes like the skin on a drum.

Telling time in silent lightning,
carving initials on tree trunks,
old loam baked tight like the skin on a drum.
Spell yourself into the Earth by

carving lightning on tree trunks.
Quiet hands hear drums as heart/beat,
spell yourself into the Earth:
wristbones, knuckles, fingertips and heat.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fantastic Voyage of the Plasma Painter

A nanoparticle of gold/ in solution/ looks red
because of plasma. Let's call that plasmonic red.
The multinanoscalpel causes budding, causes springtime.
Surgery on a cell that is still living/ Stand by me.

It's important not to kill the cell. Nanoparticles
do not break. The cells are growing orange.
The water is heating by lattice heat transfer.
Raquel Welsch is in a yellow submarine
in your brain/ blasting tumors/ with lasers.
Stand by me.

Are these particles toxic?
Why are they greenish like gaslight?
(That woman brings the same book
to every lecture, placing it in front of herself just so.
I'm just starting to realize it is political.) Raquel Welsch
uses that blue laser very well/ what can we do with this model?

We can turn the plasma on/ we can turn the plasma off.
The purple phenomenon of a plasmonic structure:
you must use Maxwell's equation to see it.
From the biological point of view/ stand by me.
From the physics point of view/ stand by me.

Many scientific careers were made trying to impress Raquel Welsch.
Life is just a dream.
Magnetic core/ optical probe/ dream.
Targeting/ silica shell/ dream.
The dislocation is decided.

Consider the transfection of cells in gene therapy:
put the gene you want to transfect into the
virus and the virus
does the job. HIV with excluded DNA
would be perfect but the FDA
won't let us try on the human body. So we have movies.
Life is just a fantastic voyage.

When a sex symbol smiles on us
small scientists will dream cellular subjectivity
and someday, they
will transfect the shit out of it.
When the night has come,
When the night has come, and
the cells are still living, even at a 65% perforation rate.

When the night is dark/ and the moon is the only light you see.
What is phenomena? At the end there is some sort of hole
created. What is this hole? No I won't be afraid.
No I won't be afraid.

Enhanced shockwave generation dreams.
Beam dump detector dreams.
When you create a nanobubble
it gets too large and then it collapses/ over and over
this looks like oscillation/ Navier-Stokes equation/ impact ionization
plasma dynamase/ can't get enough of your love, baby.

In closing, let me remind you, phenomena are all closely related.
Just as long as you stand by me.
Lucky, lucky me.