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Thursday, April 19, 2012

They Call Me

Rena roots town beach perfect behind dance
blue sun lights grass left
love old eyes singing rise
look watching whales learn
heat nights must standing hair
free names ecstatic shape sheep ship
drunk two plane making side become
without girls like French turtles
snakes fear station just now like whole storm
coast paint make church cream
read faces makes chance flowers gorgeous afraid run
just ladder two pretty one room passes
gets herons American grace starts
cactus favorite still dresses get
waves wrap wings know world never
part ice sky Earth water sadly
lists goes nervous much rain tree ways
words wear rise body comes letting ago
ocean heart-shaped Mighty today die
leftover year roof everyone loves
sing yet let house distance
marriage plastic sea beautiful death
captain pond Wonderlemon
around lace chain fight
white always boat ago
city heart new fall Mosteirin.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Everywhere tree branches meet the sky; one branch becomes two, each of the two makes two more, these four make eight/ always doubling / yes, this is memory spreading; always growing in all possible directions.


The weather plays with the texture of my paints.


I like to walk through the misty woods when I have the misty feeling.


In my dreams the mountains are on fire.

Chestnut Brown

In my mind there is a cello that knows.