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Sunday, October 16, 2011

There is always a fire

At first it was all quantum vs. classical,
momentum vs. position, until we found
abstract matrix expressions and
we formulated new questions then, like:
What do you do when your house is on fire?

If you can move fast enough, time will slow down
to meet you in the middle.

There is always a fire
but it's not always your house that's being destroyed.
It's essentially the stranger-on-a-train theory:
once you're out of sight, once no one who knows your name
can see you, then you'll be just another stranger on a train.
But if I can run fast enough
there's a certain speed at which time will slow for me
and I will lunge for the caboose.

reality layers

the war effort consisted of goat cheese with ash
(I had ashy knees throughout the entire war)
the ash effort was worthy, the art we made was not
(I made heat-art with my body, with yours)
there are layers in the way we read reality
(everything you say is in code)
the air is thick with reality
(air layers around us)
love wafts up
(sinking ships)
love sinks

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Disregard tactile mistakes made with paper
as all the trains arrive based on the magnetism of the stations anyway.
Watch as they spin on their orbits
dazzling in the clear light: there are no more schedules.

Time moves backwards and forwards simultaneously.
Keep telling the clocks that.

Then say: Do not explode. Do not give up.
Keep ticking anyway, though it is not the truth.
Develop appetites for food, for sex,
you must keep on spinning/ no matter how uncertain/ this whole spinning thing is.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Describing Physics

Orbits of electrons describe
the dancing of planets around our heads

if you sit very still they will fill you with spin
and if you spin very fast you'll find the door to their cave

where stillness breathes
but only by night, when

the universe looks itself in the owl-eyes
and sees the stillness and the spin, dancing

which both repels and abstracts
orbits at night, toward

the dance, the dance:
around my head, around yours.