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Sunday, September 18, 2011

American Drama

Flag. Boy Scout. Mountain Climber. Play.
He wakes up and knows it is all a play

or a movie, because the audience is so silent and so still he can't see them
but the cameras are everywhere. Each person he passes on the street

has a pair of high-res camera eyes. Flag-waving
he wears the costume of a Boy Scout. That's why bearded men stare at his face.

In the play he is a mountain climber. That's why.
He acts all the way to the top of the mountain

that's when he first knows he's alone. The girl
at the counter is giving phone directions

grey building; sign out front; the north side of 3rd street.Here
comes an ambulance wide like an open mouth

bleeding sound south, towards the college. It is so easy
to pretend this is a movie about college, or a play about America.

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