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Sunday, June 19, 2011

After Making Ecstatic

After flight I am always wakeful;
After flowering/ delicious;
After gardens I am fence-lines, tree-songs, bird-paths.

After rain/ always ice cream.
After making ecstatic love/ poetry.

And yet/ nest.
And yet/ soil.
And yet/ the sky.
And yet/ ice cream.

If the ocean is the voice of the Earth,
then here is how humankind attempts

a tree: heart.
Fire makes clear the possibility

for a foundation, establishes red while orange gestates new
and the heart roots through

as the sun digests, all yellow./ If we make armroots and legroots
if breath is carried from the lungroots to the bloodroots,

if my head is all purple eyes and white cloudy cauliflower brain,
if the heart roots entirely throughout the body,

then/ here
then/ now
then/ you
then/ me.

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