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Monday, February 15, 2010

Café Date

Smelling pipe tobacco smoke brown in your hair,
pulling close to you in the café
rubbing the sleeve of your sweater, dark blue
with brilliant white checks
up and down your arms and chest,
each check a white bird.
Here’s a pull, by your wrist,
two birds so close/ lovers,
pulled like you and I/ flying.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Welcome to the theater
everything you are about to hear is blasphemy
we aim for a political renaissance of confusion
the miracle will be the conclusion
in the glittering god/gold-faced future it will occur
it shall be of a daring conceptual texture and worthy of worship.

Welcome to the theater. Let us all agree on how much to worship,
from the start, we must all be believers, such that the theater
will overcome it’s theatricality and become real. The occurrence
of a jig at the end of the play will finish us off, swelling with blasphemous
miracles. If the future is boundless, acknowledged miracles would conclude
all of life’s lovely boundless-nesses, so bring on the confusion.

What happens in confusion?
Work through the compelling production of worship
and the development of a Babylonical conclusion,
work your way to this, and when you leave the theater
tonight, remember: when everything’s all in order, it’s blasphemy.
The players are shocked when expressions of pleasure occur,

the play is given to the audience as food. Then the hunger occurs,
and begins the explicit battle between actor and audience, confused,
the front rows wonder; is leaping from your seat to avoid being hit blasphemy?
Is physical pain always wrapped up in the drama of worship?
What are the protocols and conventions of this theater?
Here questions are the best conclusions.

Intuitively, the survivors are transvestites, concluding
nothing/ carnival or marketplace/ loving what occurrences
belong to the voices and to the mixings of the theater.
Everyone lines up to pay for the privilege of this confusion:
this blaspheming of worship,
or rather, this worship of blasphemy.

Is gilding the face of the actor who plays god blasphemy?
Can we at least come to that conclusion?
This is a communal act of cognition. Gold will shine and will we will worship.
God really does have a gold face. Gold occurs
in heaven. We are certain. The man behind the mask begins the confusion,
and it multiplies /as we make moonshine and we make and laws/ of this theater:

1. All theater is blasphemous.
2. All conclusions disfigure the confusion.
3. Miracles occur, we worship.