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Friday, September 12, 2008

the end of summer fabulous (9.03.03)

The red barn girls are so summer fabulous.
My name is high
crazy and no sleep
and everything I eat comes out like diarrhea,
comes out like I’m in love.

I pause his film
at the flash of his face at the end,
he's taken out all the frames where
his face is not obscured
by a hand so
How do you know it's him? she asks. I just know.
The way I know he’s hijacked another pirate ship,
and never coming back.

You can have the red barn back,
but it's full of continents
and nothing can grow there
and it gets cold at night now.

I sit shrouded in cheap blankets in the dark,
listening to my theme song on repeat,
which is to say, it’s just me and his name
in the dark over and over again.

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