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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Remember climbing into my little bed with me
and pretending it was a spaceship and that
the only thing we were allowed to bring on the trip to the moon
was candy and I described all the different candies I would
bring and what they would taste like and where I would put them
in the cupboards on the ship?

Big grape gumballs and endless knots of licorice and Cadbury cream eggs
I called you Lina, that was your secret name, remember
staying under the covers of my spaceship
until I fell asleep or cried myself to sleep? Remember, I was too sensitive.

Sad songs would make me cry. Oh Mom, when I closed my eyes
at night I saw your face behind my eyelids
coming in close to kiss me, the most dazzlingly beautiful
sight in my whole universe. The very moon I wished on.

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