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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Sleep til noon when you can.
Plant the tulips.

How would you like Ralph Nader
to be characterized in our textbooks?

May you sleigh and fly.
The Hindu Kush, the diesel fuel.

Pomegranates. Juiced. Seeds.
Do the watermelons give me health?

A staple from a copy of the new yorker was substituted
for a needle, and popcorn was strung.

Are you John McCain?
Do you support this message?

This poem is composed of lines from Dave's blog about impressive things which struck me as particularly poetic. I selected and arranged them, but did not change the lines at all, except to capitalize some letters. So I didn't actually "write" this poem. But Dave didn't write it either. This brings up questions of authorship, as does my spam poems and the poem I wrote from Marc's e-mails. What do you think?

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Dave Hyde said...

i think that you're wonderful and that i want you to continue to conflate and connect and conjure

you used to a professor, so you're just doing your duty by raising the question of authorship.

but i am not the author. long live the author