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Friday, November 2, 2007


I got talked out of death by a representative of the program.
A long time ago, back when it was enough for a woman to go to college.

You went to college?
Wow. You know?

We had one computer in our office.
That was a really big deal.

One computer.

Lots of things got done without computers.
They say the Pope- not the new one, the old Polish one

I just saw a show about him on TV—
he never used computers.

The old Pope built his church divinely
you know what I’m saying?

And he always opened every speech like this
Don’t be afraid!

Because people were afraid of God.
He looked like a big baby with those fat cheeks,

fat and red, like a cherub, his whole life.
When babies die they go to heaven right away,

which is where that old Pope is now.
Oh the old Pope was certainly pushed along by God.

Rena, I thought your book was depressing.
I didn’t read the whole thing.

My eyes are getting old and I can’t read so much anymore.
I wake up every day at 4AM and my neighbor said that was old age.

He goes, I don’t care, I’ve been through all of this—
when you wake up and look at the clock, you get up out bed right away.

Don’t stay there! That’s how old people die,
when they stay in bed too long.

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marc-pork said...

Rena, i thought this poem was depressing. I didn't read the whole thing.