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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Me and Mike’s Ghost

I went to an audition for a voice-over role
in an animated movie about animals. I just sat in an auditorium
with a bunch of people and then my parents showed up out of nowhere
and I covered my eyes and made signs of disgust.

Of course they got upset and left
and then we were outside of the auditorium talking.
I hadn’t had time to audition, but someone came out with a cast list
and told me to get one. My character’s name was Rena.

When I saw Mike, he came to sit next to me
but only if I promised not to touch him with my hands.
He pressed himself into my side. I am sure Mike is still there,
but I don’t remember where that is anymore,
and what's worse, none of this really happened,

it was just
all the doors in my head opening up at the same time.
It was just
a room in a mental hospital.

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